Priest's Page

A message from

Reverend Elizabeth Nelson

Samuel was called by God to be a prophet.   The high priest Eli was his mentor and was sure that the voice Samuel was hearing was God’s voice.  From then on Samuel was about the business of the work of God.  

 I wish I had been that secure in what I heard.

We’re all called by God for something, and some of us are called to the ordained ministry.  But that particular call came later in life for me.   I was a wife, a mother, a full-time secretary at a large company, an active member of my church, and I was only a high-school graduate.  

Yet, God did call and he had the road all planned out, albeit a winding road!

I attended eight years of night school at the University of Rhode Island.  Then with the approval of the Diocese of Rhode Island, I entered Virginia Theological Seminary in 1994 and graduated in 1996.  Because of several strange twists of fate, I was directed to seek ordination in the Diocese of Central Florida, and on December 1, 1998 I was ordained at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Lake Placid by the Rt. Rev. John W. Howe.  I was the deacon-in-charge for six months and ordained to the priesthood on June 13, 1999. 


The highlights of those years are many.   When I arrived in 1998 St. Francis had just dedicated a new parish hall and kitchen.  Five years later we added another addition, complete with new office space, a nursery, a choir room and library.   Another highlight of those years is my marriage to Joel Nelson in May 2011. 

 What a joy it was to be married here in the presence of my parish family!  It was one of those times that the family atmosphere of this church was so incredibly visible.  

If you’d like to feel that sense of family, come and join us some Sunday.  You won’t regret it!